New Lunar Anomaly Discovered!

There’s a ruinous world next door and it’s full of secrets. Anomalous structures tower above our ignorance and defy rational explanation. Satellite imagery, and photographs taken from the Apollo missions prove that the Moon has an enigmatic geology. But can everything be explained by volcanic tantrums or comet impacts? Of course…not.

There are things on the Moon. Things that can’t be explained. The lunar surface is a universal playground—and everyone is welcome. Everyone.

Have you ever heard of The Shard? No? That’s because you’re not supposed to know about it. Shhhh.

The Shard is the one of the most bizarre objects in the solar system. And nobody knows about. Except for you. And me. And everyone else who decides to properly research the topic. But that’s besides the point.

The Shard is some kind of…did you know NASA has evidence that aliens exist? Because they do. Why? Because they have images of a fucking shard! A balancing monolith (Yeah. That kind of monolith) which stands about 1.2 miles above the lunar surface. Yup. The Shard just so happens to be within close proximity to another creatively named object: The Tower.

The Tower is a “seven mile high”…ummm…tower—equipped with a tripod and a GIGANTIC cube. Because aliens prefer to place their cubes on tripods. Why? Because they’re aliens. That’s why.

Disneyland has a castle.

And so does the Moon.

An astronaut (Nobody knows which one) photographed a portion of this mysterious Lunarian castle, and so did a particular lunar orbiter. This magic castle has a comparable size to The Tower, but there’s more pretty blurry pictures.


There’s another anomaly hidden in the Sea of Showers. Let’s examine a low resolution photo.

Notice anything that’s not supposed to be there? Examine the photograph very closely. Do you see it? Take a look near Plato— located toward the upper left corner of the frame.

See it now?

The lunar anomaly appears to be an arrow etched into the landscape. Three objects surround the arrow, and they suspiciously look like alien barracks. There’s another similar object outside the red circle.

What could cause an object like that to protrude from the lunar surface? There’s no indication of an impact, and the structure looks artificial. We need more low resolution photos.

Weird Things

The magnified image clearly shows the object’s unnatural properties. The object toward the right looks like a massive Egyptian pyramid upon closer examination. The lack of crater walls and rays suggests the object wasn’t created by an impact. But you never know.

Lunar Arrow

Here’s a gorgeous view of the lunar arrow. The shape is definable…but what is the arrow pointing at? A spacecraft? A building?

Lunar Arrow

Cultures all over the world drew various shapes and animals into the landscape. The Nazca Lines are a famous example of this kind of artistic expression, and the gigantic drawings can only be fully appreciated from above…just like the Lunar Arrow. Coincidence? Nope. Aliens.

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21 thoughts on “New Lunar Anomaly Discovered!

  1. I just want to go to the moon we all know im obsess with it and heck i can make a party with the aliens in the castle lol keg and all nothing will make more news than a drunk alien 😜

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  2. Fantastic info! I am really hoping that the arrow points to a bench that says, “Space Travel Stop,” for those of us willing to see what else is out there. Although, it does appear it may not have been used in awhile.

    Excellent post, FlyTrap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personally, I want to know what the hell that castle is. I’m going to do more research and see if anyone else uncovered more information about it. So far I haven’t found too much information regarding any of the lunar anomalies described in this post, however, higher resolution images may exist. I’m sure they’re just peculiar natural formations — the lunar landscape is weird like that.

      Thanks for watching. I’ll be on the look out for a bench…perhaps there’s one near the pyramid! Haha.

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  3. Speaking of probes, carry Latex gloves with you at all times. But, who knows what kind of technology “they” have. Are they debris, or are they really evidence of other life form(s). May be a perpetuation of moon myths! Okay, the best thing to do is research, as you said . . . Interesting, nevertheless.

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    1. The Moon’s magic castle could be a real object, because it was independently verified and imaged by a few different sources. There’s not much information on any of the objects described in my post, but they’re most likely natural formations, especially the Lunar Arrow! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet the Moon’s magic castle had a ridiculous admission charge. However…there must of been quite the variety of cartoonish mascots! But it would of been difficult to tell if someone was just wearing a furry suit…or if they were an actual alien.


  4. Hahaha! Oh, that was such a great post — My favorite was Giorgio Tsoukalas and his big hair. Hey, you’ve gotta keep your video under lock and key! NASA or aliens may be watching you already. For God’s sake, be careful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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